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7-2-15: The counter script has continued to be problematic, but I rewrote it from scratch today taking a different approach which I'm hoping will solve the problem once and for all. As a bonus it should provide a slightly more accurate count of total visitors.

6-1-15: I have begun the process of modernizing the website design and code, which is long overdue. Hopefully I will be able to post updated information and photos in the coming months.

10-11-07: Updated The Enchanted Tiki Room (adding photos and a video) and A Tribute to the Skyway.

10-8-07: Updated Penny Arcade.

10-1-07: Updated all of the shops in the World Bazaar section of Tokyo Disneyland. There have been recent changes in World Bazaar; some stores have closed and new ones have opened in their place. I have removed the old stores but don't have information for the new ones yet. For now World Bazaar is as up-to-date as I can make it.

9-28-07: I made a better Tokyo Disney Resort time clock on the home page. This one updates to constantly show the current time. The new clock requires JavaScript; however, the old one (which only showed the current time when the page was loaded) still works for those people that don't have JavaScript enabled.

9-27-07: After a couple of weeks of work, nearly everything in the DisneySea section has been updated with new photos or larger versions of existing photos. A few new pages have been added as well.

9-24-07: Updated pretty much everything in the Port Discovery section of DisneySea. Also updated several of the pages in the Arabian Coast section.

9-24-07: Updated pretty much everything in the Mermaid Lagoon section of DisneySea.

9-23-07: Updated pretty much everything in the Lost River Delta section of DisneySea.

9-21-07: Updated pretty much everything in the Mysterious Island section of DisneySea.

9-20-07: Updated all of the shops and restaurants in the Mediterranean Harbor section of DisneySea with new photos.

9-19-07: Updated Broadway Music Theatre, Aunt Peg's Village Store, and McDuck's Department Store.

9-18-07: Added S. S. Columbia and updated Impressions of American Waterfront and Impressions of Mediterranean Harbor.

9-17-07: Updated Fortress Explorations and added Refrescos.

9-5-07: Updated Maihama Station, Overview of Tokyo DisneySea Park, Big City Vehicles.

9-4-07: I have completed my overhaul of the entire site. The overhaul included a slightly revamped design, along with back-end changes like a dynamically generated photo gallery and navigation system. I am looking forward to getting back to adding photos and information and updating pages. Because of the huge number of pages I had to modify as part of the overhaul, there are bound to be glitches. If you find anything that looks amiss I would really love to hear about it.

Added Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen and Mad Hatters.

8-30-07: I'm continuing to update pages and in the process fixing text and a few photos around the site. The changes are too few and too minor to list individually.

8-27-07: I finally did what I should have done long ago and created a dynamically-generated photo gallery system (before I was creating each individual photo gallery page by hand). This should make it MUCH easier to update pages because now all I have to do is upload the photos and everything else is handled automatically.

8-26-07: Updated the Ikspiari page.

8-24-07: Updated Mount Fuji from TDR.

8-23-07: Updated A Tribute to Meet the World. New photos and an audio clip were part of the update.

8-21-07: Added A Tribute to Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour.

8-20-07: I have updated about a dozen pages with the new format (which is proving to be a time-consuming process), mostly in the Additional Features section. I also took the opportunity to update the text in the Mount Fuji from TDR page. I have plenty of new photos of Mount Fuji I'll be adding soon.

8-18-07: I have switched website editors and am overhauling the entire website. Part of this is a new format for pages. Please forgive the mixed-up formatting (as some pages will retain the old format until I can get to them), as well as any other glitches while I make the changes. I would like to hear about any broken links you might find.

4-20-07: Added Disney Resort Cruiser.

4-17-07: Updated Bon Voyage.

4-16-07: Updated all of the restaurants in American Waterfront. In the process I added Delancey Catering and Liberty Landing Diner.

4-7-07: Updated all of the restaurants in the Lost River Delta section. In the process I added a couple that weren't there before (Lost River Cookhouse and Tropic Al's).

4-6-07: Added Hotel MiraCosta and Juliet's Collections & Treasures.

4-5-07: I've tweaked the programming in my hit counter to ignore all of the major search engines so as not to provide falsely-inflated results.

4-4-07: I've made major internal changes to the entire site. Basically I wanted to fix the hit counter. As it was, it would only increase if the visitor viewed the home page; however, many people arrive at the site through search engines and never visit the home page. The new internals fix that and now the hit counter works from any page. It also will not double-count a visitor within a certain period of time. In the process of fixing the hit counter I also significantly reworked the structure of the site. Doing this leaves the door open for broken links, so if you encounter any problems (broken links, error messages, etc.) please let me know.

4-3-07: Removed several shops from World Bazaar that no longer exist.

4-2-07: Updated the Nautilus Gifts page.

I've decided to make the photos I post here a bit larger. Before I was restricting them to no bigger than 780w x 450h because a) they would fit an 800x600 screen resolution, and b) it would keep the file size down. However, I don't think many people are using 800x600 screens anymore, and now that most people have broadband connections the file size is less of a concern. I realize this might cause problems for a few people, and I apologize for this, but showing photos of the Resort is one of the primary reasons I started this site, and with larger screens and high-speed Internet access being commonplace now I think it's time to bump up the size a bit in order to show a better quality photo. The Nautilus Gifts page is the first to get the larger photos (and as you can see, they're not that much bigger).

3-30-07: Minor updates to the Haunted Mansion and Cinderella Castle pages.

3-10-07: Updated the Links page.

1-28-07: Updated Restaurant Hokusai.

9-14-06: Added the Tower of Terror page.

8-20-06: Updated the Sailing Day Buffet page.

8-18-06: Changed some photos and added additional photos to the StormRider page.

8-16-06: Added the StormRider page.

8-12-06: Added the Raging Spirits page.

7-31-06: Added the Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters page.

7-19-06: Removed the now gone Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour from the Tokyo Disneyland section and the Living Statues from the DisneySea section.

6-27-06: Updated the Haunted Mansion page.

3-24-06: Added even more photos to the Resort Monorail page.

3-18-06: Updated the World Bazaar Camera Center and Magic Shop.

3-13-06: Added photos to the Penny Arcade page. Added photo to Westernland Shootin' Gallery page. Minor updates to other pages.

3-11-06: Updated Big City Vehicles. Also updated the American Waterfront DisneySea Electric Railway page an added a page for the Port Discovery Station.

2-18-06: The Omnibus page has been updated, with new photos and a video!

2-11-06: Updated the Disney Resort Line Monorail page with the new thumbnail format and additional photos.

12-21-05: A few years ago I had several videos on my website. They were small, low quality, and not very watch-able. Now, with the proliferation of broadband, I thought it time to once again add some multimedia to the site—this time in reasonably high quality. The first is "A Ride on the Skyway," found on the A Tribute to the Skyway page. This video is particularly special because the Tokyo Disneyland 15th anniversary parade (circa 1998) is taking place at the same time. More videos to come—including some old ones and some new ones!

12-20-05: I'm switching to a thumbnail/gallery format for additional photos. A Tribute to the Skyway is the first page to get this treatment. This will allow me to include many more photos without bogging pages down with many full-sized images. (I will still be including one or two full-sized images in the text portion of the pages.) I would love to get some feedback on this new format.

11-1-05: Added A Tribute to the Skyway.

10-24-05: I have completed the DisneySea section at last! There are still some things missing, but I have added everything I have pictures and information for. The next round of updates will take place after my next visit to DisneySea in early 2006. In the mean time, there are some other things I'll be adding (like a couple of tributes to closed attractions).

10-19-05: Finished the Lost River Delta and Port Discovery sections for now. Added Mayumi's Tokyo Disney Resort Page to the links page.

10-18-05: The Arabian Coast portion of the DisneySea section is finished for now.

10-17-05: I found out the proper name of the troupe of street performers in the Arabian Coast area and it is now listed correctly as the Desert Wind Players. Special thanks to Guy (T. J.) Windsor for passing on that information.

10-16-05: The American Waterfront portion of the DisneySea section is finished for now.

10-11-05: More updates to the DisneySea section. The Mysterious Island and Mermaid Lagoon sections are pretty much finished—for now. I am planning a trip to DisneySea in January 2006; the "blanks" in the two aforementioned sections (and others) will be filled in after I get some additional photos and information.

10-3-05: Miscellaneous updates.

7-4-05: Added someone additional pages to the DisneySea section and updated some older pages around the site.

3-14-05: With the addition of American Waterfront, I now have at least a little something on every area of DisneySea Park. More to come.

2-18-05: Added Christopher Merritt's Amusement Parks to the links page.

2-14-05: I took a couple of months off to work on other projects, but work has now continued on the DisneySea section.

10-26-04: Took a break from the DisneySea section to add the Bon Voyage souvenir store. Also added some additional Resort links.

10-17-04: Started work on the Tokyo DisneySea Park section of the website—finally! There's not much there yet, but the ground work is being laid. I will be making additions on a (hopefully) daily basis, so I won't post each individual addition here (although I may post weekly updates).

8-13-04: Added some additional Resort links.

7-3-04: Added some additional Resort links.

6-27-04: Added Maihama Station to the Around the Resort section.

4-25-04: Opened the Around the Resort Section. It's incomplete but it's a start. So far I've added a section on the Ikspiari shopping complex, the Disney Resort Line monorail, and a general overview of Tokyo Disney Resort.

3-19-04: Big news! The site has been redesigned for the first time in over 5 years! This is the third incarnation of my Tokyo Disneyland (now Tokyo Disney Resort) fan site. Here are some of the changes:

  • New Domain Name: The site, formerly at jazzpiano.com/tdl, now has its own domain name, tdrfan.com ("tdr" short for Tokyo Disney Resort of course).
  • New Design: The look and feel of the site has been totally redesigned.
  • Updated Information: The old site was a bit outdated. Although I don't have sections on Tokyo DisneySea Park and other areas around the Resort yet, I have updated the Tokyo Disneyland Park section, removing closed attractions, shops, and restaurants, and adding new ones.
  • New Photos: I estimate that about 75% of the photos on the site are new.
  • A "What's New" Page: This page—created so I can keep a log of changes to the site over time.