Boiler Room Bites

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Boiler Room Bites ExteriorBoiler Room Bites servers up Asian-style rice bowls. You can get your rice bowl with one of a somewhat odd variety of toppings, including "Taco Meat," pork and shrimp patties, or "Creole Chicken." All have chopped lettuce and a poached egg thrown in to the mix. All come with a side of "soup," which is simply a cup of plain beef broth.

Although I enjoy an occasional rice bowl, I thought the food here was somewhat bland and I was not impressed. (Saddly this used to be one of my favorite places to eat back when they used to offer absolutely yummy barbecued meat and rice balls on a skewer.)

Boiler Room Bites shares a beautiful seating area with its next-door neighbor, China Voyager. You'll find a quiet, secluded area with trees, a small stream, and a loading dock scene where small boats bring their produce for sale. Pleasing steel drum music can be heard in the background. If you want to enjoy the setting but aren't in the mood for a bowl of rice and some plain beef broth, you may want to get a large Kirin Supli*, sit by the water, and rest your feet a while. Exceptionally refreshing, especially on a hot summer day.

* Kirin Supli is an isotonic drink along the lines of Gatorade but not as sweet and syrupy—I find it very thirst quenching. It's similar to another Japanese drink with a more famous name: Pocari Sweat. Boiler Room Bites is one of the few places you can get it at Tokyo Disneyland, and it's an excellent choice of beverage during the hot summer months when you can easily get dehydrated.

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