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Pirates Of The Caribbean is a remarkable boat ride that begins in the sleepy bayous of Louisiana and ends in a dramatic trip through a city that's been ransacked and set ablaze by mischievous pirates. During the voyage you'll witness a cave full of buried treasure, a grandiose battle between a pirate ship and a Spanish fort, an auction with potential brides up for the bidding, and scores of pirates acting mischievously and not giving a hoot. Although these scenes from the Pirates Of The Caribbean sound serious, in true Disney fashion they are presented in a lighthearted and engaging style that will be enjoyed by folks of all ages.

Pirates of the Caribbean PhotoThe Pirates Of The Caribbean has been around at Disneyland in the USA for a long time, and is one of the attractions that was originally conceived by Walt Disney himself. Although this is a perennial favorite in America, it's surprising to note that this attraction is not nearly as popular in Tokyo Disneyland. I can only assume that swashbuckling pirates are not as recognizable an icon as they are in the West.

Although this attraction is by no means a thrill ride, there is one mild drop which may frighten some small children (and may delight others). There isn't a big indoor queue area like there is in most other Tokyo Disneyland attractions, but because there's seldom a long line this isn't a problem.

The dialog in the attraction is a mixture of Japanese and English. The Pirates Of The Caribbean is a classic Disney E-ticket attraction, and I'd recommend that everyone who visits Tokyo Disneyland take a ride, even if you've been on the American version. Visit later in the evening and you can usually walk right on; if nothing else, it be a good way to rest yer bones matey.

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