Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall

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Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall Exterior

Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall CharactersThe Queen Of Hearts Banquet Hall is one of Tokyo Disneyland's newer restaurants (opening in November of 1998), and is one of the best. It takes its theme from the Disney movie, "Alice In Wonderland," and is lavishly decorated both inside and out.

The food at the Queen Of Hearts is not your typical hamburger & fries fast-food fare. Selections include herbed chicken on a bed of mixed greens, pasta with a fresh four mushroom sauce, steamed sole, meatloaf wrapped in bacon, plus a variety of soups, salads and lavish deserts. The most enticing item on the menu could be the rotisserie chicken; the rotisserie ovens are in full view while waiting in line, and the delicious smell is inescapable.

This is a popular restaurant, which means you may have to wait in line to even get through the door. You'll probably want to avoid this during the normal dinner hour and perhaps plan a late supper instead. Cast members carefully monitor the number of people in the restaurant, so unlike other counter service restaurants you don't have to worry about not being able to find a seat once you've got your food. Long lines or not, this is a great restaurant both in food and decor, and I highly recommend it.

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