Snow White's Adventures

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Snow White's Adventures

Snow White's AdventuresThis attraction is based on the classic Disney movie, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." A small car takes you through the attraction, where various scenes from the movie are depicted, all brought to three-dimensional life by Disney magic. Very prominent throughout the attraction is the Wicked Queen, constantly trying to offer up the poisoned apple. Some scenes, particularly the scary forest, might be frightening to young children (there is a sign in the front of the attraction warning of such).

Tokyo Disneyland's version of this attraction is similar to the one found in California's Disneyland, although the sequence of events is a bit different. The exterior of the attraction is also different, Tokyo Disneyland's looking like the pre-1983 California version (in 1983 California Disneyland's Fantasyland was remodeled).

It's interesting to note that in California's Disneyland, the official name of this attraction is "Snow White's Scary Adventures"; for some reason in Tokyo Disneyland, the "Scary" was dropped.

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