Grand Emporium

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Grand EmporiumThe Emporium has always been the biggest, busiest store in World Bazaar. That position was solidified in December 2002 when Tokyo Disneyland expanded the Emporium to over twice its original size and renamed it the Grand Emporium.

As you might expect from a store with the word "emporium" in the title, there is a wide variety of merchandise offered here. Popular items include t-shirts, plush dolls, toys and just about every other non-specialty item you can think of.

The Grand Emporium can get crowded—sometimes so crowded that it's nearly impossible to get in the front door. If you are going to visit this store, try and do it in the early part of the day when the crowds are the thinnest. Also, forget about visiting this store if it rains; World Bazaar is covered and during a rainstorm it becomes jam-packed with guests, most of which use the time to go shopping.

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