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Penny ArcadeEvery Disneyland has its Penny Arcade and Tokyo Disneyland is no exception (although one would think that in this case it would be more appropriately named the "Yen Arcade" as that's the only type of currency that you can use here). Inside is a good selection of authentic early 1900's arcade games. Each is meticulously maintained and kept in perfect working order. Most of the games here will cost you 10 yen, quite a bargain considering most video arcades in Japan charge at least 100 yen per game.

Although the games here could hardly be called state of the art, they are still fun. In today's world of ultra high-speed, high-resolution 3D video games, there's something tangibly satisfying about playing a baseball game and hitting a real ball with a mechanically operated bat.

Although the mechanical games are the featured attraction, the most popular devices in the Penny Arcade are the "pressed coin" machines (sometimes called "pressed penny" machines, although the ones here use copper-colored blank coins instead of actual pennies). The designs imprinted on the coins usually correspond to whatever special event is taking place in the Park at that time. Since the designs change often they are very collectible, hence the sometimes long lines of people you'll encounter waiting to use the machines.

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