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7-12-19: Updated Overview of Tomorrowland.

5-4-19: I've migrated to a new server, I think things are running smoothly but as always please let me know if you spot any problems.

1-7-18: Added A Tribute to Mickey Mouse Revue in the Closed Attractions section.

5-25-16: Just in time for summer, a complete make-over of the Tokyo Disneyland in the Snow page including almost 50 all-new photos.

5-16-16: Removed StormRider from the DisneySea Port Discovery section as the attraction has closed. Added A Tribute to StormRider in the Closed Attractions section.

2-10-16: Added several miscellaneous photos to the World Bazaar pages.

1-17-16: Added/updated several photos in miscellaneous locations around the site.

7-20-15: Rewrote the counter script yet again.

7-20-15: Rewrote the counter script yet again.

7-19-15: I've update the listings for all of the attractions, shops, and restaurants, removing the ones that are no longer at Tokyo Disney Resort and adding new ones in. For newer ones that I do not have information or photos for, I decided to put "coming soon" place markers for them.

7-17-15: The newly redesigned tdrfan.com is online! It had been an embarrassingly long time since I had updated this website, but I wanted to rewrite the underlying code from scratch and that's finally complete. Although it was a herculean task to complete re-code the entire site and copy all of the data from the old format to the new, it will make future updates to the site much easier. As of today all of the content is the same (and consequently a lot of it is outdated), and my next step will be to update all the attractions, shops, and restaurants that have changed at Tokyo Disney Resort in the last few years.

Because of the huge volume of data I had to copy over, there may be some errors I have missed (incorrect page titles, photo captions, etc.). If you spot any problems with the site I would really appreciate it if you would let me know so I can fix things as soon as possible. As always, comments and questions are most welcome.

7-8-15: Phase one of my site overhaul is complete! Phase one is to re-code the entire site from scratch using CSS-based formatting. Phase two will be to copy all of the existing content from the current site into the new format, after which I will replace the current site with the new one. Phase three will to be update the site with new photos and information.

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